Shipping & Returnd Policy



XHNAIL ships worldwide. If the website does not deliver to your country/region, please email or message me and I will add your destination to the website. Contact us



Once the products have been shipped, each order comes with a tracking number that can be tracked online:

Global shipping time is about 4-15 Business days. (Contact us if your country is not included)

Standard Shipping 3-5 Business Days (UK)
Standard Shipping 7-14 Business Days (EU/US/AU/GE/FR/IT)
Standard Shipping 6-12 Business Days (CA/AT/BE/CH/DK/ES/FI/IE/NL/NO/PT/ SE/HU/LU)
When your order is over $79, you will receive free shipping privileges.


When you enter the payment page and complete your address information, the system will match the shipping options and corresponding fees for your region. The express shipping fee is approximately $5.1-$7.5. The standard shipping rate is approximately $4.2-$9 (for most countries, the standard shipping fee is $3.99-$7.99)."

When your order is over $40, you will receive free shipping privileges.



All orders are shipped with box or foam packaging. We will carefully pack your kit with a dedicated box, in addition to the hard product packaging box, there will be a layer of exclusive outer packaging box to ensure that your nails are not damaged during shipping.



As all of our press-ons are handmade, please allow 4-7 Business Days for order processing time, not including shipping time. Please ensure that you can wait before placing your order.



Each of our nails is handmade and unique. There will be some slight differences in the hand-painted details. All nails will not accept returned/exchanged except for quality problems. If there is a quality problem, it will be replaced free of charge.


Please note that I cannot control delivery times and lost mail. I will do my best to help you track your package, but I cannot access postal services in your country/region.