About US


Our brand established in the vibrant heart of London in 2021, xhnail is not just a presson nail brand, it's an artistic pursuit of beauty that intertwines tradition and modern trends.


Artistic Heritage:

Our products are meticulously crafted by a team of skilled designers, each a graduate from prestigious art colleges. This foundation in artistry ensures that every piece we create is not just a nail accessory but a wearable work of art.


Original Designs, Hand-Made with Love:

Xhnail takes pride in presenting original designs that captivate and express individuality. Every press-on nail is carefully hand-made, reflecting the dedication and attention to detail our designers infuse into their creations. This commitment to uniqueness is what sets xhnail apart in the realm of wearable nail art.


Fast, Affordable Beauty:

In a bustling city like London, where trends evolve swiftly, xhnail emerges as the go-to brand for beauty enthusiasts. Unlike traditional nail salons, we offer an accessible alternative with lower costs and faster delivery times. Xhnail empowers all beauty lovers, especially the youth, to effortlessly choose and flaunt their favorite nail designs without compromising on quality or style.e.