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How to find my size?

Check out our full size guide here

Are our press-on nails reusable?

Certainly! Our handcrafted nails aren't just a one-time affair. Infused with our brand's dedication to quality and originality, Ersa press-on nails are designed for the modern individual who seeks both style and sustainability.

With mindful application and gentle removal, you can dance with these jewels multiple times, making every ensemble an encore of elegance. Experience beauty, reimagined and reusable, with Ersa. ♻️

Are we vegan and cruelty-free?

Absolutely! We're firmly committed to being vegan and cruelty-free. This ensures that we never test on animals, refrain from using animal-derived ingredients, and only collaborate with suppliers who share our compassionate ethos.

How are XHNAILS different from the other press-on nails?
  • Handmade Artistry: Each XH nail is meticulously handcrafted by elite nail artists, offering salon-level sophistication and quality without the time and costs of a salon visit.

  • Exquisite Designs: Our creations stem from original ideas, combining both modern trends and timeless elegance.

  • Quality Material: We utilize only premium materials, ensuring longevity and a chip-resistant experience.
Do we offer any customization?

Yes we do. XH Nails offers an exclusive customization service that allows you to add a personal touch to our existing range of exquisite press on nails. By consulting with our dedicated customer service team, you can fine-tune the details of your chosen design to match your unique style preferences. Please engage with our customer service to discuss your custom requirements before placing an order, ensuring a creation that's perfectly tailored to you.

Shipping & Delivery

When to Shipping?

As all of our press-ons are handmade, please allow 4-7 Business Days for order processing time, not including shipping time. Please ensure that you can wait before placing your order.

Transit time?

Once the products have been shipped, each order comes with a tracking number that can be tracked online:

Global shipping time is about 4-15 Business days. (Contact us if your country is not included)

Standard Shipping 3-5 Business Days (UK)
Standard Shipping 7-14 Business Days (EU/US/AU/GE/FR/IT)
Standard Shipping 6-12 Business Days (CA/AT/BE/CH/DK/ES/FI/IE/NL/NO/PT/ SE/HU/LU)
When your order is over $80, you will receive free international shipping privileges. Order over $42, free UK shipping.

Do we support international shipping?

FOR SURE! XHNAIL ships worldwide. If the website does not deliver to your country/region, please email or message me and I will add your destination to the website. Contact us

Order over $80 free international shipping. Order over $40 free UK shipping.

Returns & Exchanges

Return & Refund

Each of our nails is handmade and unique. There will be some slight differences in the hand-painted details. All nails will not accept returned/exchanged except for quality problems. If there is a quality problem, it will be replaced free of charge.

Shipping Fail

Please note that we cannot control delivery times and lost mail. We will do our best to help you track your package, but we cannot access postal services in your country/region.